Each one of my sessions include some form of weights/resistance training, this is an extremely effective method of achieving your goals, no matter what they may be.

There are many benefits from lifting weights and becoming more fit, not only will you look and feel better you will also lose body fat, gain lean muscle, improve bone density, decrease the risk of injury, become more functional for everyday life, the list goes on!

I will carefully assess your capabilities when you start and help you progress with each session as time goes on, making sure each and every rep is done with proper guidance.


Changing what you eat and your relationship with food could play the biggest part in your results.

I will help you make the right food choices with nutritional advice, I will get you to control your calorie intake and check in every month to see how your progress is going.

This process does not have to become tedious or time consuming. It should always be a lifestyle change and not a diet!

I was wanting to get in shape for a long time but lacked the motivation to really push myself at the gym. Richard showed me how to vary the exercises to keep me interested and has really helped with my diet plan too. Would definitely recommend!