All my sessions include some form of resistance/weight training with each client I add specific resistance based exercises to whatever the requirement. I ensure the client is performing each exercise using correct technique and use different methods they will gain from the most. Resistance/weight training has many health benefits such as losing body fat, this type of training builds lean muscle resulting in an increase in metabolism, decrease risk of injury, improved balance/flexibility, decrease risk of osteoporosis, improve overall confidence and sense of well-being- look good, feel good!

  • 1 hour personal training session
  • 1/2 hour personal training session
  • nutrition and weight management
  • core stability training
  • circuits
  • outdoor personal training
  • mobile personal training
  • PT boxing
  • small group personal training
  • advanced programme design
  • clinical exercise and special populations
  • PT business
  • postural retraining and functional/sports training

I was wanting to get in shape for a long time but lacked the motivation to really push myself at the gym. Richard showed me how to vary the exercises to keep me interested and has really helped with my diet plan too. Would definitely recommend!