Free Consultation: book your free consultation to discuss your goals and what type of training best suits you. We can also cover what package is best for you. As nutrition is a key factor in changing your body in the best possible way I like to advise on this subject and make changes accordingly. 

Each Training session lasts1 hour, unless there are special requirements. I can also conduct 1/2 hour sessions.

No Gym membership is needed when you sign up to train with RG Personal Training.


4 week kickstart plan:

1 x 4 - £115
2 x 4 -£220
3 x 4 -£325

6 week holiday prep plan:

1 x 6 - £160
2 x 6 -£315
3 x 6 -£470

12 week sustain plan:

1 x 12 - £310
2 x 12 -£610
3 x 12 -£860


1 hour single session- £30
1/2 hour single session - £20

I highly recommend Richard. Under his guidance I have achieved my goal of shedding 1 stone in 3 months and feel much healthier and better about myself thanks to Richard's personal training and nutritional knowledge. His prices are competitive and you get great value for your money. I find him to be highly motivational and to push me to achieve lasting results. Thanks Richard.