I have been a fully qualified Personal Trainer since 2011, when i completed my Diploma in Personal Training through the European Institute of Fitness.

In  2016  i moved to Edinburgh to focus entirely on my in Personal Training business.  I started mobile PT for the first year working through a franchise business, then in 2017 i decided to start my own business based in The Royal Commonwealth pool Gym.

I love coaching people in the gym and i honestly get so much satisfaction watching clients feel the benefits of exercise.

I’m very passionate about my own health and fitness and have a great desire to to help people move closer to their own goals, whatever they may be.

I love different types of training, but never move away from weight training. My personal fitness goals are to achieve a well balanced physique, i want to look great, be strong, able to move well, and maintain good health.

I’ve learned a lot about coaching over the years, being a coach and BEING coached.

In 2022 i went through my very own weight loss transformation and pushed myself to the limit, understanding what it feels like to be on the other end of it all. I wanted to have complete confidence that using the correct process to get a certain outcome actually works.

Don’t worry! I understand that not everyone wants to lose a lot of body fat or push themselves to their limits, goals are all relative to each individual which is the great thing about Personal Training.